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Evergreen Surgery  
Evergreen Primary Care Centre  
1 Smythe Close  
N9 0TW  
Tel: 0208 887 8354  
Fax: 0208 887 8340  


Named GP for all patients

All Evergreen Surgery patients are allocated to a "named accountable GP" or "Usual GP" when they register with the surgery. This GP will take the lead on coordinating and overseeing your care, and will normally be sent any clinical post (for example, hospital reports or letters). However, if you have seen a GP and they have asked you to have blood or other tests, the results will normally be sent to them in the first instance.


Evergreen Surgery has operated this system successfully for some years, but now it is a requirement for all GP surgeries.


Patients are allocated to GPs pro rata to the number of sessions they work in the surgery to ensure all the GPs have fair workloads. You can find out the name of your "usual GP" at any time - just ask at reception or phone for details.


Being allocated to a specific GP does not stop you from seeing the GP of your choice, subject to availability. For example, you may wish to see a GP of the same sex. If you would rather be allocated to a different GP, we will do our best to accommodate you, but this is subject to maintaining a fair workload amongst all the GPs working in the surgery. If you are concerned about this in any way, do please discuss it with one of the GPs, a nurse or one of the senior surgery staff - whoever you feel most comfortable about speaking to.

The "Friends and Family" Test

All GP Surgeries in England are now giving patients the opportunity to comment on the services they receive though a simple new questionnaire.


Evergreen Surgery is trying to make it as easy as possible to provide us with feedback and you can now complete a "Friends and Family" questionnaire via this website. This asks you whether you would be prepared to recommend the surgery to your friends and family.


All replies are confidential, and you can also say why you have given the feedback you have.


All patients for whom we have current mobile phone numbers (and who have not opted out of text messaging) will get an automatic feedback text message after attending a surgery appointment.


However, you can also comment using this website - see "Friends and Family" Test in the menu to the left of this news item.


Paper forms are also available on the reception counter in Evergreen Surgery - a dedicated mailbox is available for returning them.


Each month the replies are counted and fed back to the NHS. The surgery also scrutinises them and looks carefully at any other feedback given. At the end of April, for example, nearly three-quarters of patients responding (72%) said they would be either "Likely" or "Very Likely" to recommend Evergreen Surgery.

New Telephone System

We are delighted to announce that a new, stand-alone telephone system for Evergreen Surgery was installed on Wedsnesday, March 18.


The new system will be provided by a company recommended by the London Local Medical Committee, and frees the surgery and its patients from the old and inadequate system serving both Evergreen Primary Care Centre and the Forest Road clinic building.


It will not be necessary to change the surgery's main telephone number, 0208 887 8354, or the Walk-In Centre number, 0208 887 8355. However, the fax number for repeat prescriptions WILL be changing to 0208 887 8645 because of limitations in BT/Openreach's systems.


We will do our best to minimise disruption, but there may be some breaks in service on the day of the changeover. Please bear with us.


We have installed the new system as a direct result of feedback from patients. Unfortunately we have had to wait until contractual issues with the old, shared phone system were sorted out. We have also had to wait until our existing numbers could be transferred to avoid having to ask patients to phone a new, different surgery number.

We intend the new system will:

  • Mean less time waiting for calls to be answered
  • Give a clear indication when lines are busy
  • Help us distribute appointments more fairly

Please let us know what you think or if you think the system could be improved further. Use our comments form (at reception), speak to one of our staff, or give us feedback via this website.


OLD SURGERY PHONE NUMBERS: We have been made aware that some patients were still using phone numbers from the old surgeries that existed before the merger creating Evergreen Surgery in 2011. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons beyond our control, we have been unable to continue these numbers in use, and, in fact the ONLY number the surgery has publicised since the merger was completed in August 2011 is 0208 887 8354. This is the number that has been used on all letters, leaflets, prescriptions and on this website. We are sorry for any inconvenience the change-over has caused and we will ask NHS Enfield CCG (who had the contract with the old supplier) to try and switch the old numbers off - unfortunately we have no control over this contract, which was with the CCG, not the surgery. We have sent SMS messages to all old patients for whom we have current mobile numbers advising that 0208 887 8354 is the ONLY number still in use.

Summary Care Records

The surgery is participating in a new initiative which will allow your key medical information to be shared securely with other parts of the NHS, like A&E departments or Urgent Care Centres. This is different to the Care.Data project that received publicity earlier this year. It would allow doctors and nurses, for example in A&E, to find out about your allergies and any long-term medical problems and could be helpful in an emergency.


You can find out more about this at www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk


You have the right to opt out of this scheme if you are not happy with your information being shared. Please ask at Recepetion for a "Summary Care Record Opt-Out form". Each adult member of your family will need to complete and sign their own form and return it to the surgery.


The surgery currently expects to be "going live" with Summary Care Data in October 2014.

Patient Survey Results Published

The results of Evergreen's annual Patient Survey were published in late March. In general, the responses from patients taking part in the survey are positive about their experiences in the surgery and have improved from last year (2013). However, there are some areas for action which the surgery is addressing. You can read more about the survey results and what the surgery is doing in the "Our Documents" area, where the full results are published, together with the surgery's proposals for improvements.


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