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Evergreen Surgery  
Evergreen Primary Care Centre  
1 Smythe Close  
N9 0TW  
Tel: 0208 887 8354  
Fax: 0208 887 8340  


Booking an Appointment

Appointments are available between 08.00 am and 8:00 pm Monday to Friday. You can book on the phone (0208 887 8354) from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday or call in to the surgery in person. 30% of appointments can now be boooked online.


To use this facility,  you will need to come to the surgery and request a special Patient Access PIN code. Please bring some identification with you so the surgery staff can verify your request. You can then register for this service online via a high security web portal. Full instructions on how to do this will be given when you request your PIN. You will need to set up personalised security questions on the web portal, so the surgery staff are not able to do this for you.


The web portal for online bookings is at:




 You can now also book appointments using the new NHS APP


Please note that to ensure everyone has fair access to the system, only one appointments can be booked online at any one time. If you need a double appointment (for example if you need someone to translate for you), please ring the surgery to book as only single appointments can be booked online, and the doctor may not have long enough to help you with a single appointment.


If you have an Apple iOS or Android device, you can also download a free app for online bookings once you have registered from the AppStore or Google Play. Search for "Patient Access". If you lose your PIN code or password, you may need to come to the surgery for a new one, so please keep your log-in details safe.


The reception staff may ask you if you need to actually see a doctor as many routine matters (such as ordering repeat medication or repeat "sick certificates" for long-term conditions) can often be dealt with over the phone. Many minor illnesses can also be dealt with in a telephone consultation, saving you a trip to the surgery. In some cases, if you receive free prescriptions, you may be able to benefit from our "Minor Ailments Scheme", meaning you can get free medication for some minor conditions from participating local pharmacies.


Please note that we respect your right to privacy, and you do not have to tell the receptionist why you wish to see a doctor if you don't want to. However, all surgery staff are bound by the same strict confidentiality rules as Doctors and it will help them to help you if can give them some information to pass on to the Doctor.


Our doctors work a rota system to share the work fairly so it is not possible to give surgery times for individual doctors as these change from week to week. If you would prefer to see a particular doctor, or would, for example, prefer to see only a female GP, please tell the receptionist when you ring.


Around half our GP appointments are bookable “on the day” only, as we find this is what many patients prefer, and it helps reduce the number of appointments wasted by patients not attending. The remaining appointments are available to book ahead for less urgent matters. Please ask clearly if you would like to see a particular doctor, although this may mean you have to wait a little longer as some GPs work only part time. All our doctors have full access to your medical records and documents on our computerised system.


Most appointments are for a fixed time (usually 10 minutes for "on the day" and 15 minutes for routine prebookable appointments). If you have several issues you need to discuss with the doctor, please ask the receptionists for a double appointment. They will need to ask you why you need a longer appointment as it will mean a delay for another patient. Our rule is "one appointment - one patient". Please do not expect to have other family members treated in one ten or 15 minute appointment.


All nurse appointments are pre-bookable. This includes immunisations, travel vaccinations and appointments for reviews for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma. Please note that families needing to book for travel vaccinations will always need multiple appointments. Please ask Reception for advice.


If you think you may need help with translation, you are very welcome to bring a friend or relative with you (18 and over only please!). Alternatively, let our reception staff know when you book and ask for a double appointment. All our doctors and nurses have access to the "Language Line" telephone translation service to help you. If you would like a British Sign Language interpreter, we are very happy to book one for you. Please give us as much notice as your problem allows.


If you arrive late for your appointment you will be asked to rebook. Patients arriving late for booked appointments are the main reason surgeries do not run on time and you are kept waiting past your appointment time. If you have booked a double appointment it is the time of the first appointment that will be used to decide this.


You can also book to have a telephone consultation with a doctor. He or she will ring you on the telephone number you have given, usually at the end of morning surgery (the exact time cannot be guaranteed). Many common queries (such as explaining test results) can be dealt with over the phone, saving you time.


If you need a blood pressure reading, you do not need to make an appointment. Special automatic machines are available in the Interview Room in the Reception Area. One will also measure your height and weight and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). You can take the printout to the receptionist (make sure your name and date of birth is written clearly on the back) who will make sure the reading is added to your record.


If the doctor has prescribed you medicine that you need to take continuously ("repeat medication") for a medical condition such as blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, you do not usually need to make an appointment, but can request more using the form on the right hand side of your prescription. However, the doctor will still need to see you every few months or weeks to review your medication and make sure it is still right for you. 


Some medications (especially some prescribed in hospital) need you to have regular blood or other tests to ensure your safety. It is important you have these tests or the surgery may not be able to prescribe further medication. Whoever originally told you to take a medication, clinical responsibility for prescribing rests with the doctor who eventually signs the prescription and so they need to be sure it is right for you. 




Please ensure that you cancel any appointments you no longer require. Each week almost one in every 10 patients do not turn up for their appointments resulting in all others having to wait longer for appointments. This wastes the equivalent of a full-time doctor's appointments each day!  Patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments will be asked to find another doctor.







We use an automated text messaging system to send out reminders for booked appointments and health promotion messages (including reminders to book appointments for medical checks). You can also text back to cancel if you no longer need your appointment. Text cancellations are handled by a computer system - so please just send the word "Cancel" to the number quoted and do not send any other message to this number as they may not be seen for some time. You can also cancel online if you've signed up for online bookings.


Please make sure you tell us if you change your mobile phone number so we can continue to send these messages. If you do not wish to receive reminders, please tell the reception staff and they will amend your record to switch the feature off.


Sign up to our text reminder service online here.

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